Spread of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer has a tendency to spread (metastasize) to certain organs. These include brain, bone, liver, adrenal glands, and lymph nodes in the chest. The metastatic tumor may cause symptoms related to these organs, as well.

Bone Metastasis

Here, a metastasis has destroyed a vertebral body in the spine. These tumors can produce back pain or interfere with the function of nerves leaving the spinal cord.

Find 2 vertebral bodies of the spine.

Find one intervertebral disc that separates the vertebral bodies.

Find the metastatic tumor.


Liver Metastasis

This slice of liver is filled with many whitish nodules of metastatic tumor from the lung.

Surprisingly, these nodules usually cause little impairment of liver function.



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Vertebral body of spine
































Intervertebral disc that cushions the bony vertebral bodies

































Metastatic lung cancer