Lung Cancer

Adenocarcinoma of lung: These two pictures are from a 62-year-old male smoker, who developed progressive shortness of breath over a period of 4 months. The chest film showed complete opacification (no air) of the left lung. At postmortem examination, tumor encased the lung.

Cut surface: A slice of the lung shows the thick tumor squeezing the lung. Tumor involves the fissure between lobes and surrounds individual airways and vessels in the upper lobe.



Slice of Tumor in Lung

This tumor was an adenocarcinoma of the lung. The primary site was not identified. In this case, the tumor around the vessels and bronchi was in vascular channels, indicating metastatic spread and not primary tumor. No other organs had tumor.

Find 2 examples of metastatic tumor around bronchi and vessels.

Find tumor in the fissure between lobes.


This gross appearance resembles that of another tumor, a mesothelioma, which arises in the pleural coat of the lung. Mesotheliomas are usually caused by asbestos and are not related to cigarette smoking.






























Tumor in the fissure between lobes of the lung






























Metastatic tumor around bronchi and vessels within the lung