Immunoperoxidase Stains for

Kappa and Lambda Light Chains

Sections of the biopsy were stained immunohistochemically to show kappa and lambda light chains.



Kappa: This stain shows brown-stained, linear deposits of kappa light chains.

Find two small vessels with deposits in their walls.

At the upper left, find an alveolar wall that has deposits in the basement membrane of the capillary walls. Most of the other capillaries also have similar deposits.

Lambda: This stain shows no linear deposits of lambda light chains. Ignore the scattered brown clumps of stain.

Find a small artery and compare it to that in the section stained for kappa light chains.

Compare the alveolar walls with those in the kappa-stained section.

Electron Microcroscopy

At low magnification, an electron micrograph of a vessel (left) shows concentric mural deposits around a central lumen with a leukocyte (5,000 x). At high magnification (right) the deposits show a granular pattern (62,500 x). What is this disease called? Answer

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Small vessel with deposit in the wall































Positively stained alveolar wall. Deposit outlines capillary basement membrane.

































Small vessel with no deposit in the wall





























The material in the electron micrograph represents deposits of kappa light chains in a granular form. The disease is called light chain deposition disease.