Endogenous Lipoid Pneumonia


Slice of Lung with Endogenous "Golden" Lipoid Pneumonia

This lesion developed in an area distal to a bronchial obstruction. Note the golden yellow color of the involved lung. Note also the lack of scarring. The overlying pleura is glistening and transparent.

Outline the area of pneumonia.

Find a lobule of yellow fat in the pleura and compare its color to that of the endogenous lipoid pneumonia.

The vessels have been perfused with barium gelatin making them white.


Histologic Findings in Endogenous Lipoid Pneumonia.

Alveolar spaces are filled with large, pale macrophages that contain finely dispersed lipid droplets. Note the type II cell hyperplasia and the mild thickening and chronic inflammation of alveolar walls.

Endogenous lipoid pneumonia may result from inadequate clearance of lipid-containing cellular debris and surfactant materials distal to a bronchial obstruction, at the edge of tumors, and around inflammatory masses; e.g. Wegener's granulomatosis. Other types of endogenous lipoid pneumonia include lipid storage diseases and pulmonary alveolar lipoproteinosis.

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Endogenous lipoid pneumonia
































Fat in pleura