Eggshell Calcification


Find an example of eggshell calcification of lymph nodes in the right lung.

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Although most frequently seen in silicosis and coal-worker's pneumonconiosis, eggshell calcification of lymph nodes has also been described in rare cases of sarcoidosis, Hodgkin's disease, blastomycosis, scleroderma, amyloidosis, and histoplasmosis [1].


1. Gross B, Schneider H, Proto A. Eggshell calcification of lymph nodes: an update. AJR Am J Radiol 1980; 135:1265-1268.

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Eggshell calcification of several lymph nodes along bronchus. Criteria for diagnosis state that the calcifications may be up to 2 mm thick and must completely surround at least one node. Further, at least one node must be 1 cm or more in diameter. The central portion of the node may also show calcification [1].