Complicated Silicosis

Conglomerate Masses and Silicotuberculosis


Conglomerate Masses

In this slice of another lung, the black nodules show coalescence in the upper and lower lobes. Lobular markings and emphysema are absent. The pleura, including the interlobar portion, shows some fibrosis.

Outline the conglomerate mass in the lower lobe.

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Although the diagnosis of silicotuberculosis is made on the basis of clinical and radiographic assessment, the histologic correlate is central necrosis of the nodules. Granulomas typical of tuberculosis should not be expected.

Here, in a conglomerate nodule stained for collagen (red), there is central necrosis, which suggests the diagnosis even if acid fast bacilli cannot be demonstrated histologically.

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Conglomerate mass of complicated silicosis