Postmortem Angiograms

Figure 1. Angiogram of Normal Lung

Figure 2. Angiogram of Lung with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH)

Although the main axial arteries are normal or dilated in the hypertensive lung (right), there is a marked decrease in number of barium-filled arterial branches. The main pulmonary arteries, not shown here, may be dilated and sometimes compress the recurrent laryngeal nerve against the aortic arch, causing hoarseness.


Figure 3. Histologic Correlate of Pruning of Angiogram in PAH

Medial thickening, intimal fibromuscular proliferation, and adventitial fibrosis contribute to the vascular narrowing.

Outline the intimal fibromuscular thickening.

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Fibromuscular intimal thickening