Further Histologic Patterns of Hyaline-Vascular Castleman's Disease


Figure 1. Small GC

Here, a small GC is composed mostly of follicular dendritic cells, which are being compressed by the central hyaline.

Outline the GC.


Figure 2. "Lollipop" Pattern

A typical follicle in CD-HV has a small GC and concentrically-arranged lymphocytes in the mantle zone. It is surrounded by a highly-vascular interfollicular region. The hyalinized areas represent perivascular regions.

One hyalinized vessel penetrating the mantle zone, together with the associated GC, resembles a "lollipop."

Find the "lollipop."

Figure 3. Rare Hyperplastic GC

Not all GCs in CD-HV are small. This medium-sized one with a mixture of large dendritic cells and lymphocytes, as well as macrophages with bits of phagocytosed nuclear debris (tingible bodies), resembles a reactive GC.

Note again the concentric layers of lymphocytes, typical of CD-HV, in the mantle zone.

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Germinal center with compressed cells, mostly dendritic type


































"Lollipop" pattern