Varicella/Zoster Pneumonia

Figure 1. Necrotizing Pneumonia

Multiple small foci of necrotizing pneumonia (shown here on the left side of the image) caused by varicella/zoster virus may undergo fibrosis and dystrophic calcification to give a miliary pattern on radiographs.

Varicella pneumonia may occur in children or adults, whether immunocompromised or not [1].


Figure 2. Inclusion of Varicella

Before necrosis occurs, the virus causes an alveolitis. A characteristic intranuclear inclusion is shown here.

Find an intranuclear inclusion.

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1. Meyer B, Stalder H, Wegmann W. Persistent pulmonary granulomas after recovery from varicella pneumonia. Chest 1986; 89:457-459. Abstract

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Intranuclear inclusion of varicella virus