Untrastructural Findings--Glomus Tumors


Figure 1. Interdigitating Cells

A portion of a tumor cell at the top shows the nucleus and 2 mitochondria. Other cytoplasmic organelles are ribosomes and microfilaments. The microfilaments form occasional dense bodies in the cytoplasm and along the cell membrane. The plasma membrane has numerous pinocytotic vesicles and rests on a prominent basement membrane.

Find the nucleus.

Find two mitochondria.




Figure 2. Detail of Figure 1

A mitochondrion lies next to the nucleus. Round, electron dense ribosomes and microfilaments fill the remainder of the cytoplasm.


Figure 3. Detail of Figure 1 (same magnification as figure 2)

Pinocytotic vesicles bud from the cell membrane (center). Note the basement membrane surrounding each cell. A condensation of microfilaments (dense body) is present near the cell membrane. Compare the size of the collagen fibrils in the stroma (bottom left) with the thinner microfilaments seen in figure 2.

Find the dense body.

Find a row of pinocytotic vesicles.

Find the basement membrane underlying the pinocytocic vesicles.

Find 2 extracellular collagen fibrils.

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Nucleus of cell



























































Dense body































Row of pinocytotic vesicles budding from plasma membrane































Basement membrane surrounding cell






























Collagen fibril in extracellular stroma