Intralobar Sequestration with Anomalous Systemic Arterial Supply





Figures 1 A, B, & C from Same Patient

1A. Axial CT shows a right lower lobe focus of air trapping, representing an intralobar sequestration (ILS), which is supplied by an enlarged aberrant vessel arising from the abdominal aorta.

Outline the lesion.





1B. Arterial Supply to Right Lower Lobe ILS

Axial CT through the upper abdomen shows the anomalous systemic arterial supply originating from the upper abdominal aorta.

Identify the anomalous systemic artery from the aorta.


1C. Coronal maximum-intensity projected image of the thorax demonstrates the course of 2 curved branches of the anomalous systemic arterial supply to the right lower lobe sequestration.


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Intralobar sequestration