CPAM Type 1

Figure 1. Epithelial Cells

Large cystic spaces are lined by ciliated, pseudostratified columnar epithlium (lower left). Smaller cystic spaces are lined by cuboid, ciliated and non-ciliated cells (upper right). Both of these types of cystic spaces are surrounded by a layer of smooth muscle and elastic tissue. Intervening dilated alveolar ducts and alveoli are lined by cuboid to flat epithelium.


Figure 2. Mucinous Cells

In addition, in type 1 CPAMs, tall, columnar mucinous cells resembling pyloric cells in the stomach focally line cystic spaces (center), in as many as 50% of cases. These cells are not found in type 2 or 3 CPAMs.

Find the cluster of mucinous cells.

Figure 3. Mucinous Cells

This close-up image shows the abrupt change from cuboid cells to tall, mucinous ones.

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Cluster of mucinous cells lining cystic spaces