Figure 1. Hamartoma--Fat

Axial CT image shows a mid-right lower lobe nodule with focal very low attenuation, consistent with fat.

Figure 2. Hamartoma--Histology

The image shows a mixture of fat and loose connective tissue. The arrow indicates trapped non-neoplastic epithelium within the tumor.

Figure 3. Hamartoma- Chondroid Calcification

Coned frontal chest radiograph shows a lung nodule with chondroid (popcorn) calcification, characteristic of hamartomas.

Figure 4. Hamartoma--Chondroid Calcification

Axial CT shows chondroid calcification within a hamartoma.


Diagram of Calcification

Figure 5. Hamartoma--Histology

The lobulated, blue, cartilaginous element of the hamartoma shown here is the part that undergoes calcification as shown in the above images.

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