Lobar Consolidation and Nodules


Figure 1. Atypical PCP: Lobar Consolidation

Frontal chest radiograph shows right upper lobe consolidation and mild volume loss in an intubated patient with PCP.


Figure 2. Atypical PCP: Nodular Disease

Frontal chest radiograph in a patient with immunosuppression following chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma shows a small, vague nodule in the left mid-lung

Figure 3. Atypical PCP: Nodular Disease

CT scan on the same patient as Figure 2 again demonstrates the left lung nodule. This lesion was biopsied and shown to represent PCP.

Figure 4. Atypical PCP: Unusual Distribution

Frontal chest radiograph shows biapical opacity due to PCP in a patient on pentamidine prophylaxis.

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