Immotile Cilia Syndrome

Although bronchiectasis predominates in the lingula and right middle lobe, widespread airway dilation is seen throughout all lobes along with small centrilobular nodules suggesting bronchiolitis.


These findings suggest that the lingula and right middle lobe are predisposed to infection. The small diameter of the bronchi to these segments may become intermittently narrowed by mucosal edema, mucous plugs, or extrinsic compression. This concept has support of reports of a "right middle lobe syndrome" leading to bronchiectasis in patients with a variety of conditions including NTM disease [1].


1. Kwon K, Myers J, Swensen S, Colby T. Middle lobe syndrome: A clinicopathological study of 21 patients. Hum Pathol 1995; 26: 302-307. Abstract

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