Embolic Tumor Thrombosis


Acute Embolic Thrombosis

This artery shows a recent fibrin thrombus with a few tumor cells. These thrombi are thought to be the cause of the rare complication of microangiopathic hemolytic anemia. A periarterial lymphatic contains isolated tumor cells.

Find tumor cells in the arterial lumen.

Find the dilated lymphatic with tumor cells.

Chronic Embolic Thrombosis

This artery (seen before) has a recanalized thrombus with recent tumor embolization of two of the new channels. Focal thickening of the arterial media and periarterial fibrosis are present. Tumor is present in surrounding lymphatics, as well. Elastic van Gieson stain

Note, that there is no tumor in the interstitium outside vessels.

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Tumor cell(s) in blood vessel





























Dilated lymphatic with tumor