Interstitial Tumor Nodules and Carcinomatous "Pneumonia"



Interstitial Tumor Nodule

Embolic or lymphatic tumor may spread outside the vessels into the interstitium. Here, lymphatic tumor is present in two bronchiolovascular bundles. In addition, the veins at the left are surrounded by a large nodule of tumor in the interstitium.

Find the largest lymphatic with tumor in the two bronchiolovascular bundles. (The airway lies to one side of it and the artery to the other.)

Find the large perivenous tumor nodule.


Carcinomatous "Pneumonia"

Another pattern of tumor spread is carcinomatous "pneumonia," seen here. Tumor fills a small artery and has spread into the surrounding interstitium and alveolar spaces, resembling pneumonia.

Find the embolus in the artery.

Find clusters of tumor cells in 2 alveolar spaces.

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Largest lymphatic with tumor around bronchiolovascular bundles






























Large perivenous tumor nodule





























Tumor embolus


































Alveolar tumor (carcinomatous "pneumonia")