Basic HRCT Patterns: Linear Abnormalities

Definition: Linear abnormalities include:

a) thickened interlobular septa (image 1)
b) bronchovascular interstitial thickening (image 1)
c) reticular change (image 2).

Image 1

Septal and Bronchovascular Thickening

As you can now recognize, the multiple linear structures in the right lung are caused by lymphangitic tumor in interlobular septa, bronchovascular interstitium, and the pleura.



Image 2

Reticular Change

The term reticular refers to an intricate network of criss-cross lines.

Find examples of fine and coarse reticular change in both lungs.


This pattern is most commonly seen in a subpleural location with fibrosing interstitial lung disease.



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Reticular change. The posterior reticular changes are coarser than the anterior ones.