Case 26

Section 1

Look at image 1 from the upper lung and image 2 from the base.

Image 1

What are the major abnormalities?

What is the distribution of lesions?



Image 2


Section 2

In image 1 find a large coalescent cyst in the left lung.

In image 2 find two nodules without cavitation (one in each lung) and one with cavitation.


Case 26--Continued

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1. Cysts of varying size, shape, and wall thickness. There are a few small nodules (<0.5 cm diameter) at the lung bases (image 2). Note that the air in the cysts is as dark as the air in the tracheobronchial tree.

2. The cysts are diffuse but more prominent in the upper and mid lung zones, where they are larger and more numerous, than at the bases. Some cysts coalesce to sizes up to several centimeters. The nodules are best seen at the lung bases where the cystic change is less prominent. Some nodules show minute cavities. The intervening parenchyma is normal.






























Large coalescent cyst




























Small nodule. These nodules are centrilobular in location and may progress to the larger cavitary lesions.






























Small cavitary nodule