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Comment: Crystal formation has been described in 21 cases of lymphoplasmacellular B-cell disorders including multiple myeloma, light chain deposition disease, solitary plasmacytoma, plasmacytoid lymphoma, and paraproteinemia. Crystals are rod-shaped, rhomboid, square, or rectangles of different sizes. Although heavy chains varied (alpha, gamma, or mu), 18 of the 20 cases in which the light chain was identified were kappa type and only two lambda type [1-8]. The crystals were usually found in plasma cells as well as macrophages and sometimes other organs. The crystals apparently develop in secondary lysosomes as a result of digestion of ingested immunoglobulin. Only one report identified the composition of the crystals as dimers of the variable region of kappa light chains [1]. Their ultrastructure varies from homogeneous and electron lucent or dense [2] to lattice-like to fibrillar [1, 9].


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