Other Types of Foreign or Unusual Structures Found in the Lung

Blue bodies: These blue-grey, concretions (arrows) are incidental findings in patients with interstitial pneumonia. They are thought to be composed of endogenously-produced calcium carbonate. Found within multinucleated giant cells or free, they occur only in the alveolus and not in the interstitium [1]. They should not be confused with aspirated foreign bodies.


1. Koss M, Johnson F, Hochholzer L. Pulmonary blue bodies. Hum Pathol 1981; 12:258-266.

Aspiration bronchiolitis

This translucent foreign body was embedded in granulation tissue (arrow) in a small airway of a patient who had previously been on a ventilator for a prolonged period and had a diminished gag reflex. The inset shows the staining of a carbohydrate component with the Gomori methenamine silver stain.

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