Transesophageal Echocardiogram

On 6/22, 8 days before death, a cross-sectional, two-dimensional echocardiographic view of the aortic and pulmonic (PV) valves showed thickening of the leaflets of the PV and one of two pedunculated vegetations that prolapsed 3 cm into the pulmonary artery during systole. There was no valvar insufficiency. The tic marks at the edge of the photograph are 1 cm apart. Landmarks are indicated on the same photo below.

RV = right ventricular chamber. PV = thickened pulmonic valve. V and 2 arrows = vegetation on stalk during systole. AO = aorta. The small arrow below AO indicates a normal, thin aortic valve leaflet. The arrowheads indicate the wall of the pulmonary artery trunk.

The patient was not considered to be a candidate for a surgical procedure.

Clinical summary Radiograph

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