Autopsy Findings

Gross appearance: Small right and left serous effusions were present. The lungs weighed 710 g (right) and 590 g (left) (normal 250 g apiece). The liver (1630 g) and kidneys (225 g each) were somewhat edematous. The spleen was absent.


Lung findings: The upper arrow indicates a deep indentation over a parenchymal scar, and the lower, a minimal indentation. Several faint parenchymal lines abutting the basal pleura represent scars without pleural retraction. The parenchyma is otherwise diffusely congested.

A section of heart (B) shows moderate dilation of right and left ventricles. Right ventricular hypertrophy is probably absent in this heart, which weighed 345 g (normal 290 g). The mild left ventricular hypertrophy can be attributed to anemia. Histologic sections of the heart were normal except for a small, old infarct in a left ventricular papillary muscle, which was probably caused by a previous episode of hypoxia. Coronary arteries were normal.


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