Practical Pathology of Chest Disease

Martha L. Warnock, M.D.

Leslie H. Zimmerman, M.D.

Professor Emerita of Pathology

Assistant Professor of Medicine

University of California

San Francisco

The important concepts of pulmonary pathology--

discussed and illustrated in the first CD-ROM of its kind!

1068 pages -- 825 color photos --75 b & w photos -- 35 diagrams

Figure 1: The above image is a screen capture from the CD-ROM book. Do not attempt to click on the image...nothing will happen!

Computer System Requirements: Macintosh computer with 68030, 68040, or PowerPC CPU, CD-ROM Drive, 13" (or larger) color monitor capable of displaying thousands of colors, 5.2 MB of free RAM, 5 MB of free hard disk space (optional).

For further information contact Martha Warnock, M.D.


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